Captivating Voyage Through Nature and History in NIKKO, staying at The Ritz-Carlton Nikko

A Special Journey to Nikko, Where History and Nature Merge

Only about a 2-hour train ride from Tokyo, Nikko flourished as a summer retreat for foreigners around 130 years ago. Diplomats stationed in Japan chose the shores of Lake Chuzenji as their villa area, and a century ago, over 40 villas were constructed, with most being owned by various foreign embassies. At that time, it was said that ‘the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would relocate to Nikko for the summer.’

On the other hand, descending from the lakeside to the town, you’ll encounter the UNESCO World Heritage sites known as ‘Nikko’s Shrines and Temples,’ which include the ‘Toshogu Shrine,’ ‘Futarasan Shrine,’ and ‘Rinno-ji Temple.’
In the journey to Nikko, you cannot bypass one of the most towering figures in Japanese history, ‘Ieyasu Tokugawa.’ who laid the foundations for an era of unparalleled peace, spanning roughly 260 years, about 400 years ago. In accordance with his final wishes, Ieyasu is enshrined at Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Why not embark on a journey to Nikko, blessed with history, nature, and hot springs?

Day 1

  • Travel to Nikko by Express Train

    Depart from Asakusa station and head to Nikko by a limited express train.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Explore Nikko’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Rinno-ji Temple, Nikko Futarasan Shrine, and Toshogu Shrine. Experience a private tour of the ‘Shogun’s Sitting Room’ at Toshogu Shrine.

  • Kanmangafuchi Abyss

    A small gorge along the Daiya River with a wild flow. Along the gorge path, you’ll find a group of about 70 Jizo statues called Bake Jizo (transformed Jizo), said to change in number each time they are counted.

  • Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, 5-star luxury resort

Day 2

  • Kegon Falls

    Take the elevator down to the observation deck to enjoy a breathtaking view of the powerful waterfall up close.

  • Nikko Futarasan Shrine Chugushi

    You will appreciate the sacred ritual of ‘Yaotome Kagura.’

  • Ryuzu Falls

    A cascading waterfall in a mountain stream, one waterfall with different expressions upstream, midstream, and downstream.

  • Sunset Cruise on a Charter Cruise.

    Invite you to a Sunset chartered Cruise on Chuzenji Lake.

  • Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, 5-star luxury resort

Day 3

  • Get to Tobu-Nikko station

    Depart from your hotel and get to Tobu-Nikko station

  • Depart for your next destination...

Now, embark on your own special journey.

The above itinerary is just an example.
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