Enchanting Spring Fusion of Art and the Seto Inland Sea's Rich Beauty in Kagawa—3-day, 2-night stay—

Setouchi Islands: Art and Beauty from Mount Shionoyama

Are you all familiar with Naoshima, a place that draws art lovers from all over the world?

Located in Kagawa Prefecture, which is approximately a 2-hour train ride from Osaka or Hiroshima, it’s a captivating destination offering rich natural beauty along the Seto Inland Sea, with breathtaking views found nowhere else.

While Japan boasts numerous cherry blossom viewing spots, “Mt. Shiude” in Kagawa Prefecture was selected as a representative image of the “Islands of the Seto Inland Sea” In The New York Times’s “52 Places to Go in 2019” and was named the “most beautiful place in Japan to view cherry blossoms” by France’s Le Figaro magazine in 2022, earning recognition worldwide.

Kagawa, Japan’s smallest prefecture, overflows with world-renowned tourist destinations besides Mt. Shiude. Why not pay it a visit?

Day 1

  • Head to Naoshima

    Head to Naoshima by chartered cruise.

  • Embark on an art-focused journey with a knowledgeable guide

    Embark on an art-focused journey with a knowledgeable guide as you explore the art-filled wonders of Naoshima Island! Immerse yourself in the creativity of places like Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Art House Project, ANDO MUSEUM, and the charming Naoshima Sentō ‘I ♥︎ Yu’.

  • Stay at a luxury hotel in Naoshima

Day 2

  • Explore Setouchi’s Art Islands with a Guided Tour

    Departing for the Artful Journey by chartered cruise through the Seto Inland Island.

  • Head to Teshima Island, Where Art and Nature Merge

    Teshima Art Museum, which transforms in tune with the changing seasons and the passage of time.

  • Visit Shodoshima Island, the Home of Olives and Soy Sauce

    Nakayama Senmaida (Thousand Rice Terraces), the ever-changing rural beauty shifting with the seasons.Indulge in specialty cuisine featuring Shodoshima’s treasures—Olives or Soy Sauce.

  • Hop on Shishijima Island, the island guarded by the 1200 year-old camphor tree

    Where abundant fields of flowers known as ‘Skyview Meadow’ and ancient camphor trees await you.

  • Arrive at Shikoku Mainland

    Chichibu-ga-hama beach, renowned as the ‘Skyview Mirror of the Setouchi.’

  • Stay at Exclusive Seaside Villa for your private retreat

Day 3

  • Mt. Shiude

    You will be greeted by breathtaking views, where the scenic splendor of the Seto Inland Sea and blooming cherry blossoms come together.

  • Ritsurin Garden

    Enjoy a leisurely boat ride on a traditional Japanese-style boat called Wabune and a delightful kaiseki lunch at ‘Kikugetsu-tei.’

  • Depart for your next destination...

Now, embark on your own special journey.

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