Bonds Across Two World Heritage Wonders in HIROSHIMA—3-day, 2-night stay—

Explore Hiroshima’s History and Beauty on a Special Journey

Hiroshima, the city that suffered the world’s first atomic bombing, has transformed into a city of water with lush greenery. Amid the gentle yet vibrant atmosphere, the Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Museum and other monuments in the Peace Memorial Park stand as solemn reminders of the negative legacy humanity must not repeat.

Venturing a bit further to the ‘Island of Gods,’ Miyajima, you’ll be mesmerized by the extraordinary sight of the floating torii gate and the vivid vermilion shrine—a captivating allure that exudes an air of mystique.

Many foreigners might be familiar with Hiroshima due to its history, but the true essence goes beyond just its status as a World Heritage Site or its fame. It’s the transformation in perspective that comes after experiencing Hiroshima firsthand—truly sensing the importance of worldwide peace through understanding its history and feeling its culture—that truly defines the ultimate purpose of visiting Hiroshima.

Day 1

  • Sightseeing Flight: Hiroshima to Miyajima and back

    Around 17-minute aerial stroll by chartered helicopter.

  • Enjoy a lunch

    Enjoy a lunch of Hiroshima’s specialty, Okonomiyaki!

  • Peace Memorial Park

    Visit Atomic Bomb Dome,the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Peace Memorial Museum, and Orizuru Tower.

  • Dinner is full of Hiroshima’s specialty, oysters!

    Indulge in a delightful dinner featuring Hiroshima’s specialty, oysters, with the exclusive Oyster Feast Course at the renowned restaurant “Kanawa.”

  • Stay at a luxury hotel in Hiroshima area

Day 2

  • Chartered Cruise: Hiroshima to Miyajima

    Bound for Miyajima while seeing the Great Torii of Itsukushima Shrine (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

  • Itsukushima Shrine

    Visit Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its elegant shrine pavilions and the iconic vermilion-lacquered Otorii (Grand Gate) standing gracefully above the sea.

  • Hiroshima Castle

    Built in 1589, Hiroshima Castle stands as one of Japan’s top three flatland castles.

  • Shukkeien Garden

    A beautiful garden in the very center of Hiroshima city.

  • Stay at a luxury hotel in Hiroshima area

Day 3

  • Get to Hiroshima station

    Depart from your hotel and get to Hiroshima station.

  • Depart for your next destination...

Now, embark on your own special journey.

The above itinerary is just an example.
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